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What is Integrative Development?

The concept of Integrative Development embodies my holistic approach to web-based application development which connects my knowledge and experience of web development, marketing, advertising, public relations, business, and human behavior into producing relevant and modern deliverables.

With the completion of an immersive master's degree program in web and mobile application development, I acquired practical experience with the rudimentary mark-up, style sheet, scripting, and structured query languages of front-end and back-end development environments as well as industry standards in auxiliary frameworks and source code libraries, version control systems, and leveraging API technologies. I was further exposed to the psychology behind human-computer interaction, web accessibility principles, usability heuristics, object-oriented programming, collaborative agile development methodologies, mobile progressive web application and Android development. Furthermore, I published and presented timely and relevant research in usability & user experience (UX) at an international conference (AHFE 2020).

I am curiously impassioned by usability and crafting user experiences with simple, clean aesthetics. For this reason, I make mindful considerations of the purpose and functionality of a project to preserve usability for the end-user.

By combining the best practices of web and mobile application development with my integrative development approach, I am equipped to develop mobile-first, responsive web-based applications across a variety of domains. I am actively exploring and open to receiving opportunities that will advance my skill set and knowledge-base and to become an influential contributor to the fields of Web Development and Human-Computer Interaction.

Pursuit of knowledge

M.P.S., Web & Mobile Application Development

B.A. Communication, Public Relations and Advertising Emphasis

Fort Hays State University

Business Adminstration

University of Colorado Denver
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HTML5, XML, CSS3, SCSS, SASS, LESS, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, mySQL, SQLite, Java

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Bootstrap, jQuery, JSON, AJAX, LAMP, MEAN, Android

animated responsive web development

Responsive Web Design, Agile Development, Progressive Web Applications, Object-oriented Programming, DOM, Human-Computer Interaction, Web Usability & Accessibility

Dr. Bob Meier

Outstanding Graduate Research Award


Fort Hays State University

Relevant & timely research

I have particular interests in usability, human factors, and the cross-generational effects of the World Wide Web.

Usability & User Experience

2020 International Conference on Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics | Advances in Usability and User Experience

In this paper, we focus on open-source typographic icon sets for the web (e.g., Font Awesome). Specifically, we investigate to what extent flat-design icons have acquired a universal meaning and we analyze human factors and design aspects that play a key role in icon recognition.

Research Study: Icon -> Word Match Game Image
Usability & User Experience

Follow-up Study: Title TBD

In our prelimiary study, we found significant differences between the symbols in the same set in terms of ambiguity, which we are currently exploring more extensively in a follow-up study. Participate by playing a fun, interactive game!

Acknowledged & Promoted by Dave Gandy, Founder of Font Awesome

Body of work

My professional and educational portfolio spans a variety of industries and domains.


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Web & Mobile Application Development

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From those who know me

"Andrea is graduating with a 4.0 GPA, she has one current journal publication and is working on another. Her research is relevant and timely. She is collaborating with both faculty and the CEO of the company involved in the research. She is a pleasure to work with."

Nominating Committee, Department of Informatics, Fort Hays State University

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An apple is symbolic of lifelong learning and healthy living; both are personal mantras. The moniker was also inspired by my son, whose last name translates as little apple from Italian and is the apple of my eye. Coincidentally, I work on a little Apple MacBook Pro and an apple is a perfect energy boost on long hikes.

I am a mother, web developer, hiker, birder, neophyte-photog, schooner enthusiast, and a lifelong learner. My favorite drink is Kombucha and my signature dish is Chicken Tortilla Soup. I appreciate long drives down the road less traveled and sailing upon the sea with my significant other as captain. I have scuba dived to depths of 90' below the surface of the ocean and hiked to peaks that reach to more than 14,000' above sea level. The combination of an active mind and an active body is my holy grail.